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Via Nazionale, 284 (87019) Spezzano Albanese (Cs) Italy         T.:+39 / (0)981/953.284 e.mail: sl.spezzano@virgilio.it



Stuffed aubergines


Ingredients: 3 kg of aubergines,  mint, some garlic,  1 chilly pepper, vinegar 


Wash and dry the aubergines. Cut them into slices, salt and leave for about 24 hours. Squeeze out the moisture and add the mint, the chilly pepper, the crushed garlic. Put the sliced aubergines into a large-necked glass jar and cover with vinegar. Finally place a weight on top.

This happened . . .


September 01 1860 The population of Spezzano welcomes Giuseppe Garibaldi, the  victorious  hero in the fight against  the Bourbons. 


September 20 1943 The town clerk, Gerardo Coppola, is murdered by unidentified men while returning home.

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The landscape in Spezzano has almost the same colours, fragrances and fruits as in summer. The vineyards are full of perfumed bunches of grapes that are nearly ripe for picking. Thus begins the harvest of this precious fruit and there is a moment of joy for the farmers as in the past.

An important tradition is the pilgrimage to San Cosmo Albanese. Although the saint does not belong to our town, hundreds and hundreds of devout believers from Spezzano and the surrounding towns travel to the sanctuary.

Today many people, as in the past, go on this pilgrimage. It is a journey of  about 30 km. Many people go on foot while others prefer to go on horseback.

During the pilgrimage the people sing and dance to make the journey more enjoyable.



Traditional food



Ingredients: 2 kg of black grapes, ½ kg small apples, 200 gr of ripe figs, 300 gr. of small fairly ripe pears, 1 small stick of cinnamon, 10 cloves, 100 gr of shelled walnuts

Wash the grapes and remove the pips. Then extract the juice. Pour the juice into a jug. Put the cloves and the cinnamon into a small gauze bag and add to the juice. Heat over a low flame for 30-40 min. Cut the pears and apples into pieces and add to the juice. Continue cooking for 30 min. Add the whole figs. Boil for a further 30 min. The “jam” must be quite thick. When cool, pour into a glass jar and add the chopped walnuts.