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The coulours of the countryside are sombre during this month. The withered leaves are blown here and there  by the wind and the days are even shorter than before. Occasionally  a pale sun accompanies people on their country walks.

A new period begins for the countryside: a new harvest is nearly ready - olives, mandarins and  oranges -  all of the very best quality and famous throughout Europe. The 2nd of November is a special date when the dead are remembered and small round loafs, specially baked, are offered to friends and family.




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Via Nazionale, 284 (87019) Spezzano Albanese (Cs) Italy         T.:+39 / (0)981/953.284 e.mail: sl.spezzano@virgilio.it











“Fusilli” (spiral shaped pasta)


Ingredients: ½ kg white flour, water, 2 eggs, salt.Put the flour on the pastry board and add water and salt. Mix to a fairly hard dough. Take some dough and roll it out by hand (1 cm thick ). Cut strips about 10 cm long and  roll each strip around a smooth metal skewer to form long, hollow lengths. Remove the skewer and  place the pasta on a clean cloth to dry.


This happened . . .


November 16 1916  Electricity comes to Spezzano


November 16 1876  A railway station is opened in Spezzano.

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Home-cooked Beans.


Ingredients: 200 gr. of beans, olive oil, salt.


Put the beans in an earthenware pot with water and salt. Stand the pot close to the fire in the fireplace. Add water when necessary. Once cooked, serve the beans with a little  olive oil.

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