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This happened . . .



March 2 1856. On this day the road from Spezzano to San Lorenzo (passing through Serralto) was opened thanks to a project presented by two engineers: De Novellis and Alessandro Zecca.


March 11 1810 Work on the construction of the Calabrian Consular road starts. The captain of the Napoleonic army, Angelo Mortati persuaded Marshal Mc Donald, the works manager, to divert the route and so the road passed through Spezzano. 

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Tagliatelle with chickpeas”


Ingredients: 300 gr of chickpeas, 300 gr of tagliatelle, two cloves of garlic, some bay leaves,  ground red pepper, olive oil and salt


First put the chickpeas in water and leave for 24 hours and then cook them in plenty of water. Add only salt and bay leaves. Add water as necessary. Add the chickpeas  to the noodles and  season  with fried garlic and pepper.




In March the landscape changes. Scents and colours take pride of place once more. The fields, the terraces and the balconies are full of fresh colourful flowers. The heady perfume of the mimosa blossoms pervades the whole town. Bonfires in honour of Saint Joseph are lit in the different neighbourhoods. This important tradition is linked to a  traditional Roman feast  which celebrated the “sol invictus”.    After the winter season nature awakens and the lighting of these bonfires is a good omen for the coming harvest season .

Nowadays in many parts of the town people collect olive branches cut during the pruning and these are burnt on the evening of the 18th and the 19th of march. Doughnut shaped cakes are fried and handed out to the people gathered around the fires. There is singing and dancing too.

Traditional food

Casella di testo:  Costantino Senise
Casella di testo:  Costantino Senise“Doughnut shaped fried cakes”


Ingredients: 1 Kg white flour, 400 g of potatoes, 1 cube of yeast, salt, olive oil, sugar.


Add the flour to the boiled, mashed potatoes, add the water, the brewers yeast and some salt. Mix the ingredients together cover with a cloth and leave  for about two hours. When the dough has risen, shape small quantities into rings and fry in plenty  of oil. Drain and sprinkle with sugar.