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Via Nazionale, 284 (87019) Spezzano Albanese (Cs) Italy         T.:+39 / (0)981/953.284 e.mail: sl.spezzano@virgilio.it




Ingredients: 5 kg of honey,  enough flour to make a fairly stiff dough. 5 eggs,  


For the icing: 5 egg whites, icing sugar

Put the flour on a pastry board. Beat the yolks and add the honey.  Mix with the flour. Mix and kneed well. Roll out the dough ( about 1cm thick ) Shape into various forms. Put  the shapes on a rectangular baking sheet  and bake for 10 minutes. Cool and cover with the icing.  Sprinkle with sugared almonds and candy flowers. 


This happened . . .



May 13 1857 The first telegraph system started working in Spezzano.


May 22 1832 Giuseppe Angelo Nociti was born in Naples. He was a local writer. The municipal library has been dedicated to him.


May 29 1820 The decision was taken to construct a cemetery in the area near the Church of Costantinopolli.

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This is the month when the flowers reappear; nature wakes up again after the long winter and the first signs of summer warmth are in the air. 

May is the month of  roses. Nature shows itself at its best with beautiful colours and scents. The countryside offers us coloured flowers and tasty fruits. 

It is an ideal moment to celebrate weddings, but strange to say, in Spezzano people are conditioned by an ancient popular belief. According to this it could be inauspicious to marry in May, so the most superstitious among the population prefer to avoid this month and marry in other months of the year.  

The "Mostacciolo", a special type of cake, is richly decorated with coloured sugared almonds and candy flowers (see the photo) and it represents the most important gastronomic speciality for weddings. According to tradition, it is set on a table and the bride and groom try to break it in two. The one who succeeds in breaking off the largest part  will be the winner and will command in the house."

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Traditional food

Broad bean soup


Ingredients: ½ kg of broad beans, 250 gr. of bread, 1 onion, 1 egg, olive oil, salt


After having washed the broad beans, put them in salted water and cook. Fry the chopped onion in oil and mix with the broad beans. Cook over a low flame. Add the egg. Place small pieces of bread in dishes and pour the soup into the dishes.