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"Fried courgette flowers" 


Ingredients: 20-30 courgette flowers, 200 gr. of flour, 4 eggs, salt, oil.  

Open out the flowers, remove  the pistil, wash and dry on a tea towel. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add the flour. Taking one flower at a time, dip it into the batter and fry it in hot oil. Turn occasionally until well-browned. Drain on paper. Season.

July 27 1744 The church of the Carmine, finished in 1735 thanks to Alexander Cucci, together with the convent and the garden, is legally donated to the Carmelite order. The official act was witnessed by Gennaro Pontieri, a notary public from Terranova.


July 28 1810 Gioacchino Murat passes through Spezzano.

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July is the warmest month of the year, the colours are typical of the summer. In the fields the grass is burnt yellow by the sun and contrast with the brilliant red poppies.  

The trees are laden with brightly coloured fruit. The crops are harvested. Our landscape is made even more beautiful by the Indian fig plants, which have magnificent colours: yellow, red, purple. Among the gastronomic specialities, we remember particularly that during the time of the wheat harvest, in the past the women made bread at home, using the flour from the wheat reaped in their own fields. 

The summer period is particularly suitable for tourists, and people in general who come to take the waters at the Spa. Since 2004 the Spa has belonged to the town council. 

In Spezzano on July 16th the Madonna of Carmine is traditionally celebrated. The whole community takes part in the procession and then the special mass in honour of the Virgin. In the evening there are concerts given by musical groups in the square in front of the church of the Carmine.

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Traditional food

"Small tomatoes and toasted bread"   


Ingredients: 5 kg of small tomatoes   

The small tomatoes must be left on the stem in a bunch. Take a branch from a  wild pear tree (or twist pieces of reed together) and hang the small tomatoes on it. Leave the tomatoes in a cool, dark place. They will keep all winter. They are very good on  toasted bread, or divided in half and seasoned with a little oil, oregano, garlic and salt.