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Via Nazionale, 284 (87019) Spezzano Albanese (Cs) Italy         T.:+39 / (0)981/953.284 e.mail: sl.spezzano@virgilio.it





Ingredients: sesame seeds, honey, 250 gr of sugar, toasted almonds.


Put the honey in a pan and heat slowly. Add the sesame seeds, the sugar and the almonds. Mix well.  Place on a board and sprinkle with sugared almonds. Once cold, cut  into small squares and place  on  orange leaves.

This happened . . .



December 08 1920 Don Francesco Gullo founded the first catholic club in Spezzano.

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In December nature sleeps.  The weather is cold and wintry colours adorn the countryside. The naked branches are brown and the mountains are white with snow. During the Xmas holidays typical customs still have pride of place. On Christmas Eve the traditional meal is a must. Families are united in the preparation of the nine typical dishes. Another important tradition involves feeding pets well on Twelfth Night, Epiphany, because many people believe this will keep them safe for the rest of the year. This period brings the typical Xmas cakes such us the “giurgiulea”, “canaricoli” and the “vecchiarelle”.



Ingredients: flour, 200 gr of sugar, 1 sachet of yeast, 1 sachet of vanilla, 4 eggs, 1 lemon, 1 glass of aniseed, 1 glass of vermouth, 1 glass of olive oil, some salt.

( The quantity of flour must be judged according to the amount of liquid – a fairly soft but workable dough must be prepared ).

Form a ring of flour on a pastry board, add the eggs, the sugar, the aniseed, the oil, the vermouth, the juice and grated peel of the lemon, a little salt, the yeast, and the vanilla. Mix well together. Roll out the dough. Cut into strips (5 cm x 2 cm). Form shapes as desired.

Fry in boiling oil until golden brown. Place on absorbent paper and then  in a large basket. Sprinkle with sugar or coat with honey.


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