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"art. 9 law n. 482 15 december 1999, and art. 6 (D.P.R. n. 345 del 02 may 001),"


Now operative, law number 482 wishes to protect, defend and officially recognize the Arbëreshë language, in this way the Arbrëreshë people will have the right to speak and write their language  even  when dealing with  public administration.

Consequently,  a linguistic window has been opened in every Arbëresh town with an information office and a web site where  information about the town can be found.

Our town council and more specifically the “Settore 4 Area Socio-Culturale” directed by Angela Guida and the town councillor Camillo Mancioli have welcomed this idea and have given  the “linguistic window” a room on the 2nd floor of a building situated in Via Nazionale. The Town Library is also situated in this same building.

The office is at the moment managed by Maria Bellusci, Giuseppe Basile, Vincenzo Corso and Tommaso Sposato. Their aim is to give importance to and to try to help this language “survive” by giving historical and cultural information about the town using  the Arbëreshë language as much as possible.


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