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The Linguistic Window; a new window in the world.     Now operative, law number 482 wishes to protect, defend and officially recognize the Arbėreshė language, in this way the Arbrėreshė...                                                                         Click for more

Spezzano Albanese a town between two rivers: Esaro and Crati.

Spezzano is a small town of about 7.038 inhabitants, it is in Calabria  in the province of  ...

From the first settlement 'till today... an history to tell...

The land where the first Albanian refugees built their first settlements has a very ancient history. Excavations carried out by American scholars in the archaeological area of Torre Mordillo  ...

From the book of  Father Vincenzo Longo  "Gli Arcipreti di Spezzano".

Brief history of the Archipriests in Spezzano, information collectected from "Gli Arcipreti di Spixana" written by Father Vincenzo Longo.

Valentina Schirņ wins the 10th Edition of Miss Arbėreshe.



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The traditional dresses of the arbėreshė: "Llambadhor" and "Pacchiano"

The Italo-Albanian communities arouse a lot of interest and admiration and there are many people, tourists above all, who wish to admire the typical costumes.

The office of the Linguistic Window is in "via nazionale 254" on the II floor of the ex-Town Hall. The telephone nr is: +39 (0) 981 / 953.284. Contact by e.mail: (or just click on the icon).


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Art and contemporary culture    

In Spezzano there are many people who are  particularly gifted in arts and crafts and in the cultural field. We would like to mention Pino Chimenti, a famous modern artist whose works have captured the interest of several critics and are exhibited in world famous art galleries,(.........).

The town library "G. A. Nociti"                       History and Literature, Art and Actuality: Thousands are the books that you can  take and read.

with the help of photos and explanatory captions this section shows Spezzano through the passing months: its colours; its food; its folk traditions, its sayings and proverbs.. . .

  Mario Caruso actor

Certainly one of the most important characters of the local folkloric tradition is the actor Mario Caruso..............


 "MISS ARBĖRESHE 2007"-XI Edition


(Download here the PDF file of  the regulations)


The 4 Churches

In Spezzano we have four churches and the most important  is “Santa Maria delle Grazie”.  This church became a sanctuary in 1951 thanks to Father Francesco Gullo. ...


Socio-cultural associations in Spezzano