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It is not the official one as this was lost a long time ago but  it is important for  historical reasons. The one shown in the picture comes from the tradition of the Albanians of Albania.

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The traditional arbëreshë costume for men

Casella di testo: Woman dressed pacchiana (1950)


Casella di testo: Woman dressed pacchiana (2005)

The other traditional costume is called “pacchiana” and is less ornate than the one described above.

This costume is quite similar to the “Llambadhor”.  In fact it has a long skirt called “Ljinja” and a short jacket “Xhipuni”. This however has no gold embroidery and moreover over the pleated skirt there is a pretty apron (vandizin) usually made out of  material with a floral design.

The traditional Arbëreshë costume: “Pacchiana

The traditional dress of the Arbëreshë: “Llambadhor”