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In Spezzano there are many people who are  particularly gifted in arts and crafts and in the cultural field. We would like to mention Pino Chimenti, a famous modern artist whose works have captured the interest of several critics and are exhibited in world famous art galleries, for example in New York.  Also worthy of mention are the painter Antonio Lupinaro and the sculptor Luigi Amato. The latter from a very young age has put his talent to excellent use. During the twenties he gained popularity as a portrait painter. At the age of 40 he moved to the United Kingdom where he was acclaimed by local critics for his pictures portraying members of British high society. Cultural personalities in Spezzano  also include a number of poets. Francesco Fusca, Giuseppe Montone, Annamaria Basile, Vincenzo Rimola and others have published several collections of their works.

In Spezzano culture and artistic activities are well supported. In summer various exhibitions take place in the main squares with stands which show the works of art produced by local amateur artists. Details regarding the “young” artists can be found in the following pages.










(Antonio Lupinaro)

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